My parents are both an employee at a construction company. My dad is 4 years older than my mom. My dad is working 300km away from us. He goes home every 2 weeks or more. They have very different personalities, yet they manage to be one.

My mom is a very stubborn person. She likes to be right at everything reaching the point where she could be manipulative sometimes. For example, she told you about some news that is popular but isn't true, but she can make you believe in it too. She is easily upset. She yelled and raising her voice when she’s angry. She is very chatty with her family, with her friends, with my friends, with my ex. She is also very clingy, to me, my brother, and my dad. She often treats us like a little kid — makes me uncomfortable most of the time. She always intervenes in our lives, our love’s life, everything.

She rarely forgot things. She is generous and likes to help her friends. She is a hard-working person. She’d be on the phone 24/7 replying to all the work-related things even if it is weekend. After she got home from work, she’d still do all the chore, cook, and providing whatever me and my brother’s need. She took care of us incredibly. She always tries to fulfill me and my brother’s wish. She always attempts to make us happy. My dad doesn't like to go out very much, but with the spell of my mom, he’ll go. Even most of the time I’d pissed with her, but one thing I know: she is an incredible woman.

My dad is a very quiet person, well in my family I guess, but not that much while he is with his friends. He likes to chill at home, and not going anywhere, the exact opposite of me. Tho he is quiet, he is so scary when he is angry. If he yelled, wow, it means that it is already gone too far. He is very ignorant. I’d say he’s rather pessimistic and always takes the easy way and the safe way, contradicting with my mom who is very brave and experimental.

But he is willing to sacrifice. He is a family man, he does everything to his family. He did the best he could to try to fulfill our needs, our wish. He is a wise man towards me, my brother, and my mom. He is very patient and simple. He only likes to shop with me. He escorts me every time, every step of the way until now. He always accompanies me when I’m studying for an exam, even when I’m in college, he’ll come by on the weekend. He is the truest hero in my life.

My mom likes to cook, hang out, shopping, farming. My dad likes his koi, he likes to play guitar, taking pictures. My mom was all a sporty girl back then, she played tennis, basketball, she danced, she was on the marching band. Growing up with 6 siblings, my dad was pretty struggled. He taught me so much about being grateful, reminding me how lucky I am, not wasting my money. Oh, and they’re both were goons back then. They met during college.

There are some things that I wish it didn't like this, but I know they did the best they could and they know-how. I love both of them eternally. I wish they’re always happy and healthy.